Red-Tailed Hawk Release

On February 13th, this red-tailed hawk was found by snowmobilers caught in an illegally-set leg hold trap in Woodstock, Connecticut. After notifying the Department of Environmental Protection, the bird was brought to us for treatment.

It was determined that the hawk's middle toe would have to be amputated, and after five weeks in rehab, the foot had healed enough for release.

When we brought the hawk back to Woodstock for release, we were told by the gentleman who found the bird that a red-tailed hawk had flown overhead that very morning.

Mary-Beth opened the box, and the hawk flew across the yard into a tree, where he sat and preened for a while. He then flew off and started to circle and call while gaining altitude. Suddenly another red-tailed hawk appeared. They circled overhead for a few minutes and then flew off together.

Mary-Beth releasing the red-tailed hawk.